Wednesday 31 December 2014

Last day of 2014

We're back from playing tourists in a foreign land!

In a wrap to 2014, we are thankful to have sailed past another year of goodness. Being grateful and thankful is always the first key to happiness.

Good and bad things do happen. Learning to deal with the bad made us stronger and learning to be appreciative of every little good thing expands room to abundance.

We're glad to have stayed safe and sound yet another year. Having been away home from 2012 to 2014, we have travelled extensively in most parts of America and sometimes exploring risky adventures. We were glad to be re-united with home in the early part of this year.

While many celebrate victories and safety, we also keep in prayers the tragedy of the crashed and missing planes which carried passengers like us, going to a destination for vacation. Which within minutes, had their dreams shattered. We share the sorrow of their family members. May 2015 be a year of healing.

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On my personal level, I've nonchalantly glided past the year. It wasn't exactly a smooth journey with you, 2014. I've my woes and exasperation of being stuck home full day with the kids, I felt like giving up and felt like it was leading no where. For a while, I thought, Mummies who were working seemed wiser.

But wait, it's a privilege to be a stay home Mum. Not everyone's cut to be one actually. It gives a different form of achievement from being a corporate worker. No regrets, I would say. Many occasions, it was excruciating on me, but I know I played a significant role in their toddlers years.

I'm thankful to have whipped up all 3 meals for them on weekdays and thankful for every opportunity to teach and bond with them. I treasure every opportunity to cuddle and kiss them anytime. I've witnessed many more milestones than before, I played games almost daily upon their request and did the most Mother and children outings ever. And you know we've been working hard when we set aside the books we've conquered during the year. 

 photo 6fcdfc87-a239-4127-a9b4-866d4850a40c_zpse29a3f82.jpg
We conquered assessment books

It will be a wrap for the homeschooling role in me, not totally because learning will always be within home. Just that I think we are 80% affirm about sending Js to a full day childcare next year. Nah, I'm not gonna shake those legs to couch home, but I need much personal time to upgrade for employment. So that's one resolution I'm working towards.

Am also thankful for a year of friendships flourished and fostered online and offline. The play dates and travel dates that happened and brought cheers to Js. Thanks for helping them feel loved with your kids even though they have no count of classmates this very year.

For my blog's resolution, I hope I'll be inspired to write better, in truth and from my heart. I'm no mega blogger or influencer, but I appreciate every little success and am thankful for encouragers who left me supportive notes and comments. Thank you! Support support. Garner us like on Facebook and follow us on instagram @mumscalling for a year of greatness together.

Whatever resolutions your family has, may 2015 be a year of prosperity and good health for everyone. May your wishes and dreams come true!

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