Wednesday 27 May 2015

Daddy and Mummy speak different

It was a beautiful Monday, the man went on a pre-planned date with the boy. They drove off  excitedly to the theme park for an exclusive day of Daddy and son outing. Jazz had hers with me last month. It was Jare's deal that day. Jazz gladly told him to have fun and made her way to school.

They spent an almost full day and much exciting moments at the park. Theme parks never fail to send kids smiling anyway.

 photo 5b88b748-53c8-4a55-bb2f-b3994f32150b_zpsqer5clq1.jpg
USS with Daddy!

When they got home in the evening, I asked my son about his fun day out. He exclaimed, "It was so fun, we did so many rides!" So over dinner, I interrogated for details. He went on to say he doesn't like to go with Daddy next time, with those cutely pouted lips. I curiously dug for details.

Scenario 1: Daddy and son were having lunch in the park
Son: I don't want to eat, I want to go home and eat.
Daddy: Then don't eat and don't play. 

I know men are quite direct in nature, sometimes speaking like an officer in the military. But I probably wouldn't say that. One thing about Js these days, they are extremely homely. They love home cooked meals! Pat on myself. I would prefer to say something like, "I know you would love to eat home, but there's no lunch home, Mummy didn't cook. This chicken rice looks really yummy! If you choose not to eat, we won't be able to have fun after this" 

Acknowledge and understand concerns, explain, entice and give choices. There's probably higher chance of whine free cooperation this way.

Scenario 2: Jare missed a ride by a teeny weeny centimeters
Daddy: Haha. Told you to eat more. 
Jare: cried and pouted for being laughed at

Palms smacking forehead! That must have hurt his little ego, "ouch!" I would go like, "That's alright Jare, we can try again next time when you grow a little taller. Let's go for something else."

Acknowledge and comfort his feelings, encourage with love and focus on alternatives! He probably knows by now, Mummy is a better comforter.

Man man man, it's no wonder he was quite complaining about his date with Daddy. Choice of words are highly essential to our little ones, isn't it? In midst of our busy life or habitual parenting style, we should always remind ourselves to use positive language when speaking to our child. Sometimes lengthy conversations because they do deserve our attention. I know our daily mood plays a big part. That being said, I think it's quite my man's nature.

 photo fda18820-97b1-43f6-ac38-b8047c225846_zps60lxtzxh.jpg
Looking really happy!
That's the typical difference between the Daddy in him and Mummy in me. What's the style in your family?

I do think they've got an interesting fun day out. I need to applaud the man though, for making this promised date a come true. It was within hours after touching down from an overseas trip. His lethargy might have been part of the culprit. Thanks for making Jare's day still enjoyable! How about more dates, Daddy?

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