Friday 29 May 2015

Frugal Friday #2 - SPM

It's nearing the awesome weekend again. How about another frugal weekend to the museum? This round, the Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM)! Free entry for all Singaporeans and PR.

The word Philately, a greek word means "love" and "paid" or "tax free." Which means an avid collector of stamps. Stamps are symbols that postage or tax has been paid, they are icons of a society's culture, people, history and development. So yeap, there's a story in every piece of stamp. 

A place that houses these treasure and stories is naturally called the Philatelic Museum. It promotes the educational use of these materials to learn about history and heritage of Singapore, and the world.

We hunted it down and had some good fun within. Officially opened in 1995, but it was our first visit there. For the grown ups, you'll find it very much nostalgic. While the little ones will experience it with a refreshing perspective.

That mailbox is still in use today!!!

It showcases one of the most wide-ranging collections of Singapore stamps and philatelic items.

Level 1
Begins simply by explaining what a stamp is, it's history and the showcase of various local mailboxes that gestated along the years. We also discovered famous philatelists from around the world and local collectors who have put Singapore on the world philatelic map. We learned about the world's first stamp, as well as looking through the bountiful collections of local stamps from its earliest days to the most recent. My man used to be an avid stamp collector, it was one he could most identify with.

Modern stamp will look like this!

On the same level, we rocked and rolled into the world of Elvis. Yes, Elvis Presley. No idea how it's related to Philately, but it blended well with the nostalgic mood we carried. Not that we were people of his era, but we do have a few familiar songs in our head. The exhibit displayed a list of Elvis' related items by a private collector and it was really exhaustive! Exhibition till 01 Jul 15.

Level 2
Room of Rarities is dedicated to our local rich postal history. The gallery displays some of the largest, finest and most comprehensive philatelic items. A highlight is the much sought after cover that bears all four values of the first set of stamps to be introduced in Singapore in 1854. A gallery with much reading and knowledge.

The Heritage room next to it has a rich highlight of our past immigrants. The room is designed to resemble that of a 'shophouse' in the past, illustrating the background and culture of Singapore's migrant races. It was interactive and engaging. Most items on display allowed the sense of touch, for the feel of turning back time.

Js were so excited to walk on clogs!

Shophouse of the past

Counting sheep, Dreaming goats, children's exhibition located on level 2 as well. This fun and interactive exhibition brings children into the fluffy world of goats and sheep. Held in conjunction with the year of goat or sheep, it introduces these domesticated animals from different cultures, and admire goat and sheep themed stamps from around the world. You guessed it, the room we spent most time in because Js had too much fun discovering these four-legged animals.

World of sheep and goat

They learned the terms we name a male, female and young of a goat and sheep, as well as their diet through some hands on play. They discovered too, the importance of these animals giving us meat, milk, wool and skin. There was a little toy piano with a displayed set of 'sheep' related songs, 'Ba ba black sheep' and 'Mary had a little lamb'. Little ones can have a go on it too! 

Counting sheep, Dreaming goats exhibits till 27 September 2015.

Last of all, we walked through the journey of spice is nice, also nostalgically located on level 2. A vast display of spices used by various ethnic groups and for trade in the past. The kids learned much about using spice as remedies as well as knowing the types of food different races savour. It was an interactive and interesting place of spice and racial knowledge. 

Food and spices!
Have you once visited the Singapore Philatelic Museum? If not, you should not miss its OPEN HOUSE on 31 May 2015, Sunday and 07 June 2015, Sunday! Suitable for all ages. Fun and free activities begin from 10am all the way to 5pm. Programme highlight here
Have Fun!

Singapore Philatelic Museum
23-B Coleman Street
Singapore 179807

Opening hours
Monday: 1pm to 7pm
Tuesday to Sunday: 9:30am to 7pm

Free for Singaporeas and PR (Bring IC for verification)

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