Tuesday 19 May 2015

Worrying is not love

Are there turned down decisions made, which often fall under the spell of a worrying mind? Worrying is inevitable. If I can, I would like to sum it to our local way of saying, "You worry too much, you lugi " (I think I should have a trademark for that). Plainly, too much reservations, you lose out

Being a worrier doesn't change a thing, it does not equate to love or adds more love. It could simply rob us of an opportunity to further explore our desires. I was one Mum who worried too much and too often. Along the years, I discovered the beauty of letting worry go, in trade for a freer mind. Easier said than done, I know it's almost impossible to get on the worry free mode all the time. I know what Mums think, and I can identify. We worry endless about our kids, their schedule, academics, choices, peers, milestones and all sorts of aspects in a growing child.

Perhaps, we should spend more time thinking how we can plan to overcome that solvable or unsolvable worry, instead of spending worthless thoughts on it. Come up with a well considered decision after accessing the reasonable aspects of both controlled and uncontrolled factors. End the worry swift.

When the man secured his scholarship some years ago, with a decision to relocate for studies in the states. I sank into a sea of emotions, overjoyed for him and at the same time worried about our shift. Life wasn't just the two of us. We had two little ones, who were then 1 and 3. I thought we were too comfortable for any change. I held countless worry of adaption, housing, food, independence and kids! Too overwhelming to be away in a foreign land for 1.5 years. I wasn't ready, and there wasn't a perfect time to. 

I am so thankful today that we made it and enjoyed our time overseas tremendously. Every single moment of it was memorable. It could have been an opportunity declined because of an uncalled worry. We were outpouring grateful for that opportunity seized and a decision that weighed far more valuable than just worrying. See the bigger picture.

 photo fae2cdc8-8a3e-4387-ba54-786f84e3b0c3_zpsszeqaach.jpg
A milestone for the man

No idea what is on your worried mind today, but let's stay worry free. Most often than we thought, worrying accomplishes nothing. Dump out the negatives and pour in the positives. Sometimes, we might need a little more courage, action and affirmation - "Just do it!"

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Mat 6:34

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