Monday 4 May 2015

Speaking the wife's language - 20 tips

A buddy of ours had recently tied the knot. I got spurred to write some snippets about marriage, from a wife's point of view. Being a wife for 9 coming years, to the same man of course, I've put together love languages of what delighted and will delight me as a wife.

Here's for the husbands out there!
  1. When the wife explored a new dish for your meal, praise the effort before commenting accordingly. It can be a new milestone to whip up something nice and delicious. 
  2. When the wife slips in a new dress, makeup or hairdo, offer praises if you had really love it. Tell her she's 'strikingly beautiful!'
  3. Show empathy when the wife shared a hard day about work, relationships or anything disturbing in her day. Assure her that you're on her side, then speak and discuss logic. 
  4. Give meaningful ideas and suggestions during discussions. The term 'Anything' is not exactly constructive.
  5. Oh no no, don't talk to the wife like how you talk to your guy friends. The bluntness and directness may be too overwhelming. 
  6. When there's indifference, let little things go. Being magnanimous is the trait of a good man.
  7. Doing household chores is not just the task of any modern woman, contribute your assistance.
  8. Excel in leadership. Don't get too passive, it's a pain to always be kicking logs.
  9. In an argument, I had like to say keeping quiet doesn't always signify giving in.
  10. When doing meals, help pick food into the wife's bowl. Then feed yourself.  
  11. Good sense of humour is a man's asset. Keep the laughter going.
  12. There is more than one way to do something, explore her ideas too. 
  13. The wife NEEDS to talk. Be there to engage and listen.
  14. Respect her opinions, there's no hierarchy in a marriage. 
  15. Don't forget, it's still ladies first. Hold the door for the wife.
  16. Go to the grocery store often. Cook together!
  17. Give the wife some special looks. Lock those eyes! 
  18. Wipe tears and laugh together.
  19. Keep saying the wife's beautiful!
  20. Don't stop dating. Have fun.
Any contributors to this list or to a list of husband's language? Always a welcome!

To our newly wedded friends, stay blissfully in love. Don't take too long to procreate! In any stage of marriage, do not forget friends.

To my man, I'm blessed to be your chosen one. 

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