Friday 22 May 2015

Frugal Friday #1 - SAM

It's Friday! I'm chapter-ing the places we can explore for free or at a very low cost, just to be kind to our pockets. Fun doesn't often come with monetary outlay.

Let me begin with Museums. There are a couple of museums locally that Singaporeans can enter for free. A pat on yourself if you knew about this. All you would need to do is, bring your IC along.

Singapore Arts Museum (SAM) is one of them. It focuses on contemporary art practice in Singapore, Southeast Asia and Asia within the global context. Some weeks ago, we visited its exhibition, 'Medium at large' which is now exhibited over by "After Utopia: Revisiting the Ideal in Asian Contemporary Art." (From 01 May to 18 October 2015). Drawing largely from SAM’s permanent collection, as well as artists’ collections and new commissions, After Utopia seeks to ask where have we located our Utopias, and how we have tried to bring into being the utopias we have aspired to. Sounds like something really cool to explore.

In exploring exhibits, I was quite concern if Js would stay patient with us as we journeyed through the galleries. Thankful enough that they seem to know how to admire and appreciate the displays around. Perhaps, something much different from our daily lives.

After which, we rewarded the kids at the other wing of SAM, SAM at 8Q (A short stroll from SAM's main building). We did 'Imaginarium, A voyage of Big Ideas', for everyone and anyone with a head for ideas and heart for adventure. A launch by SAM to celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday. Very much of good suit for our little ones.

Here's what you can expect on your Imaginarium journey. Interactive, immersive artworks with plenty of hands-on activities to keep the kids occupied.
Level 1
We built this Estate!
Looking like a giant playground that invites children to be architects, builders and master planners of their housing estate and city skyline. The layout is very much made to our local sightings. With housing blocks designed like giant Tetris pieces, little ones are free to create whatever they can imagine.

Playing 'Tetris'

On the same level, you can find an installation comprising glass boxes filled with parts of a tree that had been chopped down to make way for redevelopment. Reminding us how nature often exists in controlled environments in cities such as Singapore. 

Level 2 
This is where doodling is extraordinarily allowed on walls and a room to keep one occupied on a long journey to the Moon. The kids had fun doodling and penning their letters to the Moon. There is even a moonbox to transmit those letters! Jazz asked Mr Moon if he was really made with cheese and Jare apparently wrote some moon language that humans won't know.

I really loved how their imaginations ran wild in there.

Letters to the moon

Level 3
Interstellar Overdrive
A room more suit for older kids. Displays of bicycles, generators, LED and stereo equipment which are activated only through interaction between the artwork and visitors.

Let's make studio
Sewing and embroidery are meaningful and symbolic ways of enfolding time as well as the creativity and actions of the maker. Visitors are invited to create small objects using textiles, which capture their thoughts about the future of the country. Here, visitors get a taste of weaving, making pom pom and cross stitching.

Making pom pom

Level 4
Dream House
Filling a house with candy that visitors are invited to take and 'plant' in a garden. Definitely a sweety place of a child's wishes and desires to sow and harvest candies. No, you can't eat them. It's a delightful space where the inner wishes for the future can be projected and encouraged to flourish.


Kiko's secrets
Broaden the mind by entering the magical world's hidden within three secret boxes and beyond. In this work inspired by the wonder that children experience as they explore world around them, it seeks to recreate these sensations for both young and old alike. Js love the wall puzzle, not quite easy as seen. Takes some patience, but interestingly fun!

Get your weekend filled if you've not visited SAM! Imaginarium, A voyage of Big Ideas journeys from 14 March to 19 July 2015. Definitely a fun and budget way to spend fun moments with our family. We visited on a weekend and most nice that it wasn't overly crowded.

More information on Imaginarium here.

  • Singapore Art Museum is located at 71 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189555
  • SAM annexe, SAM at 8Q is located at 8 queen street, Singapore 188535

Opening hours:

Mondays to Sundays
10am to 7pm (last admission at 6:15pm)
10am to 9pm

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