Wednesday 13 May 2015

Dear Mummy - Happy Mother's Day!

I'm into the 6th year of celebrating Motherhood! It's not always a bed of roses, but I would assuredly say, it's a beautiful journey that I've embarked and never since looked back. There's immersed joy in being surrounded by my two littlest. 

Last week, I was in their school for a little performance put up by Jare. Jazz's class didn't put up any though. I didn't think it would be anything dedicated to Mummies until a point the daddies went up to dance! My man was out of town and those busy Daddies who made time for practice, put up an extremely enthusiastic show. It was a very pleasant surprise with all the wives kept in the dark. Though my man was not dancing, I was extremely moved. After which the kids presented a little DIY gift to their Mummies. I've since learnt that a packet of tissue should be a permanent resident in my bag. I was so filled with tears that I used Jare's t-shirt as my wiper. Oh, so embarrassing!

My little boy has grown so much. He now stands before a group of audience to perform a series of coordinated moves, and did just so well. That must be one of the many reasons I sent him to school. To perform on Mother's day!

 photo fb0628bf-09f6-4bd2-9dab-bbdb237bcc03_zps4nzzwdpz.jpg
My teary eyes filled with emotions

These are what he made in school and gifted to me.

 photo 8a9aac92-48ab-42db-80e7-005039c3f009_zpsbg9l8325.jpg
Lovely pressies!

On Mother's day eve, I told the kids, "It's Mother's Day tomorrow, could I sleep in a little longer while Daddy make you breakfast?" They both agreed instantly. I didn't hope too high for that, the agreement sounded too causal. 

Next day, I woke up to some whispers beside my ears. I overheard Jazz telling Jare, "No, don't wake Mummy up, it's Mother's day. She wants to sleep in." I wasn't dreaming! I heard those words, I've got my sleep deal. I snugged a little longer before deciding to get up. The man was still asleep! Which meant I've unfed kids. Never mind I thought, it's not wifey's day.

While washing up, Jazz presented a bag of goodies to me! Nothing exuberant but all self made and sourced within the home. I opened letters upon letters and admired crafts one after another. She had it all prepared a week ago! I'm so blessed to always be reaffirmed by her.

 photo 772f8ace-840f-4239-ad96-68f688ebc451_zpskmrwj1ce.jpg
My bountiful of love!

I really enjoyed going through every single piece of it. She even hunted down a book and lollipop within the house to gift to me. Not retail sourced, but I was much delighted! The man bought earrings for them to gift me too.

Here's what one of her letters read, "Mummy, thank you for taking care of me and for cooking. you are the best cook ever!! I love you everyday. when you are mad or sad I will always love you. I will always be the girl you like."

Another lovely piece, "mummy thank you for cooking for us. You are the one super star. You always take care of me. You are very very pretty and kind and brave. Happy mother day!!!! I love you so so so so so so so much!!!! 

Grammatical errors? No, I literally melted. It's true when we say it doesn't matter how we look in others eyes, but it matters how we look before our loved ones, especially our kids.

 photo c83215f6-6988-4393-83d8-3232dd42311d_zpsklqv1jp1.jpg
Made cookies and bookmark in school

Though Jare did not seem independent to come up with something on his own, I do hope his sister has inspired him to get creative along the days. One of the best and most practical gifts they gave were those hand made bookmarks. I lose bookmarks often and I need it to chuck between my readings. Too precious to lose them now.

"Thank you little Js for sprinkling my day with extra happiness. I am a low-maintenance Mum, and I had like you both to know I love the way things are gifted, because richness is in love, not in possessions. Great gifts are often in the heart and the thoughts behind it. Self made or bought, it really didn't matter. Even to the day you start getting paychecks, I will be good with hand made. I am contented and most happy watching you both grow in love, in health and showered in great wisdom. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me the everyday reason to celebrate Motherhood!"

I hope all Mummies out there, you had a blast too.

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  1. Haha, I agree that the teachers did a great job to have the kids pen something precious or make such loving handmade gifts for us on Morher's Day :) You are one awesome mum, Karen

    1. Yeah, there's much effort the teachers put in to get the kids do something for Mummies too. Thanks so much, Susan!

  2. Hurray for handmades! And I thought that the real sweet deal was the one where they were carefully trying not to wake you up! Hehe, sleep is mummy's best friend! ;) thanks for sharing their sweet thoughts and words with us!

    1. My pleasure June! It's so true, I've alienated from insomnia since kids arrived.


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