Tuesday 23 June 2015

Dads like...

Dads like when the kids run to the door and warmly welcome him home with a cuddly hug.

Dads like coming home early, just so he can still catch a bedtime story with the kids.

Dads like listening to the good progress reports Mum submits daily. 

Dads like coming to the dining table, to eat with well-behaved kids.

Dads like being greeted by happy children before he sets off to work.

Dads like how well the finances are managed in the home.

 Dads like sharing their wisdom generously.

 Dads like staying cool in midst of panic mode .
Dads like their private moment when it's soccer time. 

 Dads like coming back to a neat and clean home.

Dads like pleasant surprises.

Dads are like our bosses and superheroes! 

Happy Daddy's Day!

Here's Js pleasant surprise for their Dad, a bagful of creatives for their Super Daddy! A good mix of crafts made from school and home.

 photo 50863c78-d762-40b5-8407-99f414db544b_zps8zmzsk0k.jpg
Craft galore

Jazz did palm painting and led her brother into doing a 'turkey' (bottom right). It does take a little imagination to decipher that. Jazz said turkey signifies thankfulness. So yeap, they are really thankful for their Daddy! 

I held the significant role of keeping these crafts out of the man's sight, till they were ready to be presented. I'm thankful for these crafty kids (in a good sense), and hope they'll continue to delight the people around them with their handmade works.

In midst of doing these crafts, Jazz complained that she hasn't got time to work on anything for her Daddy since she's been in school all weekdays and out over the weekends. Though more of a time management, she did strike a cord in me. I will pick them earlier from school!

"Happy Father's Day! Thank you for being their awesome hero!"

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