Monday 8 June 2015

Day of National Remembrance - 08 June

Being a parent and a Mum of 2 children, my heart goes out the families and kins of students and teacher who have perished in the Sabah quake. My deepest condolences.

We know it wasn't just lives lost, but unrevealed dreams and ambitions that have been cruelly buried. I woke up one of the mornings reading the quake updates with tears flowing almost continuously. I mourn for the young people who have yet to discover the bigger and more beautiful things in life, the society that awaits the fulfillment of their ambitions and contribution of dreams. That moment too, I have a sudden fear of losing my children.

I've school going children and each time, I've to silly-ly confess, I dislike reading the disclaimer in consent forms, "The school will not be liable for any accidents that might occur..." Though a reasonable clause to fend off any possible conflicts when unfortunate accident arise, I don't quite like seeing it. It does get a little more comforting when I read on "...but will ensure that every possible care is taken for the safety of your child." A parent, an inevitable worrier. I think about the bus that brings the kids to destination, the busy roads they'll be near and whether they would unknowingly wander away from the group. The endless and uncalled worries.

Nonetheless, I signed 'consent' on every piece. I need to let go! It's just a prelude when we talk about local destinations, not even crossing the border. I often self-assure that my kids are in the good hands of their teachers, who are sometimes like their second parent when I'm not around. Their experience in managing the logistics and safety is one I should not be doubtful about. We don't need an irreversible incident to demonstrate the teachers' selfless act of love. That's the kind of trust we should foster between a school, teacher and parent. A firm believe that teachers would display parental instinct when we aren't around.

With mature minds, we have to identify the contrast between negligence and natural disaster. Which one can be controlled, and the latter not. In this incident, clearly an unpredicted earthquake. There should be no blame games. Or if myth is true, we could choose to be upset with the trekkers who decided to picture bare with the mountain and unknowingly angered it. Interesting myth I've learned.

Consenting to overseas trip without parents along may not be an easy decision. But exposures like these may not give the same learning experience as doing it within family. I won't say "Go for it!" at an instant, but I will assess. We know our child's best and everyone has different level of comfort. That deserves some respect too.

The innocent lives lost are our nation's lost dreams. Thankful too, for those who survived to tell the story of the heroes. Once again, we stand in unity on this National Day of remembrance.


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