Tuesday 16 June 2015

We had breakfast with Hi-5!

One of the constantly approved TV programmes Js are allowed to fix their eyes on, are the hi-5 series. When we were homeschooling, it was my filler for the subject, 'Music and movement'. They would bounce, sing and imitate the actions of their songs. They are huge fans of Hi-5! 

This Australian musical group has bagged countless accolades and won the hearts of many parents. A refresh of its members today are:
  • Stevie Nicholson (2007–present)
  • Dayen Zheng (2012–present)
  • Mary Lascaris (2013–present)
  • Ainsley Melham (2013–present)
  • Tanika Anderson (2014–present)

Last weekend, we had the privileged of an extraordinary breakfast with its casts. Together with Olimomok, we shared a table with Ainsley. Js were so thrilled! I began to dream of such a moment with Korean hunk, Lee Min Ho. Ohhh, I need to stop dreaming. The reality is, Hi-5 is here to tour Singapore! 

We had a most wonderful time chatting with Ainsley over a cosy meal. Js were very much shy and reserved when he spoke to them. Instead they decided to work on a little origami while waiting for breakfast to be served. Jazz had almost everything in her little backpack, she had papers for origami, pens for writing and soft toys! I guess she came prepared to rope Ainsley's help in folding a paper boat and probably to share her lovely toys with him.

Kids' breakfast served first

And since the kids decided they have not much queries for Ainsley, the Mamas entered to keep conversations alive. Among the conversations, I found out that Ainsley is from Sydney. Pardon this new fan. It was also through rigorous rounds of auditions that he emerged as part of the team. I asked if this was something he's gonna do for some while, he said, it's something he loves and that he loves children. I guess, we are expecting a long stay from you, Ainsley!

I asked about the food he tried locally, and he mentioned Chilli crab! Spicy food wasn't much to his liking, we found out.

We went on chatting about our local work pace to that in Australia, as well as being a parent here. We had also curiously asked what would happen to the team if a member was unwell on the day of performance. Did you know, the 3 ladies have one backup who masters the moves of every individual and another one backup for the men. Not an easy task being a back up after all.

We had a really engaging and fruitful chat. Mamas become real fans now.

After breakfast, which Js highly ignored their food for fun, we adjourned to bubbles playing outdoor. Js kept Ainsley to a little corner before deciding to share him with the rest of the kids. A coincidental smart move. Heh.

The kids had so much fun with the casts. In midst, I had very much wanted a picture with Stevie. The longest staying cast and probably, my most familiar. Guess I was too shy, only to find myself sneaking in for a picture without capturing his attention. There goes my opportunity, geez!

Thank you PR Comms for making a dream like this come true. You have planted great memories for the many kids, parents inclusive too.

And Ainsley parted in a nice and humble way, he spoke to Jazz (No idea what was conversed), but it was really a nice gesture to part ways proper. A hug, bye and he left. Sweet! Thanks for making their day even brighter.

Photo credit: PR communications

When we say dream big and wild, it's true! You never know when will dream come true for a moment like this. Join Hi-5 as they step foot here again in September 2015 for their House of Dreams concert! Enter the magical world of dreams as they embark on musical journeys through a jungle, fairy garden, outer space,  underwater and even in the super cool world of superheroes. Dream alive with their unique mix of irresistibly infectious songs and high energy dances!

For the groovy kids who can't stop moving to Hi-5's songs, you may catch them at their most frequented place, United Square.  Daily performances (except Wednesdays) till 23 June 2015.

Hi-5 meet and greet at United Square
Date: 11 to 23 June 2015
Time: 2:30pm, 5pm and 7pm
Redeem a meet and greet pass with $50 spending in a single receipt. 

Hi-5 House of Dreams concert
Date: 12 and 13 Sep 2015
Time: 10:30am, 2:30pm and 6:30pm
Venue: Marina Bay Sands Theatre
Get your tickets here
Tickets price range from $45 (B reserve) to $115 (VIP 1). 

Disclaimer: Media Invite. All opinions and photos, unless credited are solely ours.

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