Tuesday 9 June 2015

Small Spaces - Sleep, Learn and Play

I'm so excited to be unveiling Js room! We showcased it some years ago, and here we are again, rejigged and reorganised as toys, books and clothes collection pile up. Decluttering isn't easy at times. We just can't decide which to go.

Here first, their bed of dreams. Good dreams or bad dreams, they sleep on it. But these beds get abandon on weekends, when we'll all co-sleep in my room. The chest of drawers next to their bed houses their Pyjamas and a mix of toys. For Jazz, Pyjamas and Accessories. A dual role as bedside table, it holds their little night lamp and water bottle for night sip.

 photo b6346079-a3fa-42b4-8588-5420750c61f1_zpss9s84s3f.jpg
Bedtime corner

The square shelves were for a purpose. They are to be drilled into the wall to house their built up lego. We bought them not too long ago, and should getting down to work soon.  

We started our love for Lego when we could get it cheaply in the states. It got really addictive till space became a disturbing concern. The collection seems endless, perhaps till debt do us apart. Building these little blocks are also the culprit for why Js prefer to stay in during weekends to work on them. Enemy to my exciting weekend plans.

Here, a zoom in to their works of display. Jazz has her princessy and Lego friends collection while Jare has got his Starwars and Lego city collection. They really love the process of building it. I thought we should find proper solution to showcase them properly, and so here the square shelves.

 photo 366c4565-9d7e-417f-981b-42fd9802432e_zpsg9wt15q8.jpg
Unending collection

Some days when we catch a rather scary movie or hear of some bad news, Jazz's fear of darkness creeps in. I put up prayer posters (bought from Oriental Trading) in front of her to calm those fears. It's been most helpful and she's so diligent in praying that she dictate them word by word without looking. I should start putting up a spelling list.

Jazz's bed front is also facing the wardrobes. 

 photo b17bbd1b-bf4d-459d-84bf-d1f132865ab7_zpsfrsywa2u.jpg
"What do I pray?"
Then we talk about the more serious stuff, reading and writing! My friends always joke that I own a tuition or childcare centre, but I think the number of chairs and layout are just perfect. I keep the kids apart while I teach, I sit in the middle and if the man decides to join the education department, he has got his seat too.

While I give a piece of work to one, I'll teach the other. When my teaching is completely done, we'll have silence to work in clarity. Only disturbance is when I do reading with Jare, Jazz finds it a little distracted. My stories are always captivating, can't penalized her for that. Heh. We'll try though, not to coincide if she needs concentration. 

 photo 4a7d4f32-ead1-475f-b893-dfcafc5ca6e2_zpsg1tivfep.jpg
And I'll sit on little blue

When we started doing the kids room, we knew it was a battle of pink and blue. We had a green wall to stay bright and neutral. For the furniture, we knew it has to come in pair. A pink and a blue. I love having storage to keep unglamorous stuff out of sight. Which I gradually realised these cupboards are too quick to utilise. Toys after toys are spilling out of its allocated space. We have to put a STOP to toys shopping. Till we find that empty space again.

Yeap, so that's a peek into Js little all-in-one room. I wished I could say Ikea sponsored their furniture, but good things ought to be shared. They do have beautiful kids' furniture at a decent price. I don't think we need a very long standing furniture, so price factor is crucial. In years to come, just a couple more years, Js will need their individual room and space. Not quite looking forward to that actually. 

How did you create your small spaces? I hope you took some pictures for keepsakes too! 

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Next up, we have Susan to share her Small Spaces. Susan is a full-time working mum who find that there are never enough hours in a day. She finds herself juggling between family and work while being a nurturing mum, loving wife and a career woman. She blogs at ajugglingmom.com and hopes to inspire other mothers to lead happy and fulfilled lives.


  1. love the little displays next to their beds! their room looks really spacious.

  2. Thanks Missus Tay! Think I've no other best place to display their built up toys. Ha.

  3. hi keen to buy the posters "What do I pray"... where did you get them from???

    1. Hi Pastry Girl, I got it from Oriental Trading when we relocated overseas. You might be able to get it shipped here via vpost :) Item link: http://www.orientaltrading.com/childrenand-s-prayer-posters-a2-62_9117.fltr?Ntt=christian%20poster


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