Thursday 27 September 2012

Asian marketing

Did a 90 minutes drive to Ikea and 99 Ranch market last Saturday. We bought lots of stuff for the home, as well as bed comforter and toys for the kids. Since our stay isn't permanent, Ikea's price and items fit our budget well. Car ride was pretty alright, other than little cries and squabbles the kids had.

We need sun shields!
For road trips, we'll just have to pack some snacks along, to keep the kids occupied. Chocs and candies are my saviour at times. I have always been kind to their teeth, but the treats can give us occasional pleasant journeys. They help keep driver awake too.

On the go box

The best moments are when both kids are asleep. Bliss! MPVs here are called vans and they have gap between the two seats for the middle row. Not of an option, I have to take the front seat. It wasn't an acceptance to Jare initially, but I guess he's learning to accept such separation. The only bad is, I have to keep turning and twisting my body to pick things up for them, if they drop something. 

Good moments
And then we dropped by the facebook office, the outside of course. We've no business in there, but we are clients huh. While both kids took nap in the car, my man went down for a shot with the big thumb.

Like us!
Ranch market was my kind of supermarket. I could find most Asian stuff here, especially the green leafy vegetables, fish, prawns and sauces which are not common in the supermarkets around our area. Bought salmon and prawns, or what they call shrimps here. Both were not too bad, moderately fresh. Didn't dare to buy the other types of fish as we hear feedback about its freshness being compromised.  
Ranch at Grant Road, Mountain view
The frozen and smell-less durian!
That's our buy from Ikea and Ranch!
I guess this must be the actual reason why we went for MPV - to fit a day of shopping loots! It's always wise to bring our cooler box along when we are marketing in a far away place. In fact, 90 minutes drive is probably a norm to going about places here. More long hour drives ahead! But I still prefer to do a 10 minutes drive for simple groceries.

I bought so much food that evening, as if I have an army to feed. The Asian taste in me is here to linger for some time. The stocks are depleting and perhaps it's time for a switch to western recipes.

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