Tuesday 11 September 2012

Simple weekend

We had lots of fun over the weekend before the man had his orientation today. 
Made simple breakfast before heading off to a garage sale, which we walked off with some good bargains. We got the kids a talking Elmo that tells stories. It was interesting when Jazz dropped it, it would go "Could you help Elmo up please?" I was surprised at its responsiveness. Jazz picked it up and it went, "Thank you, you're Elmo's best friend." An item that was selling for $10, we had it bargained at $5. We bought a crochet hat and tutu dress for Jazz. Both from $10 to $8 and $15 to $7 respectively. They are both new. Pretty! 

From the garage sale
After Garage sale, we met P and his son, Dan for lunch. P is my man's sponsor. After lunch, P brought us to a nearby park, Dennis the Menace playground. The kids had crazy fun! The playground is so huge and I love the natural air and breeze the kids are running around with. In SG, it's either playgym or hot sun!
Great park
Different cluster of playground

Wavy and bumpy slides

Jazz's new found playmate, Dan

Love their smiles!
After which Jare prefers to watch the seagulls
I missing such a swing in SG
Did I mention it's free entrance to the park? I'm loving this! I need to get on driving soon, so that we can have fun nearby, while Daddy's in school. Daddy's back to school.  

After playground adventures, both kids zonked out in the car and napped till it's dinner time. Upon the seniors recommendation, we had Vietnamese food at Chopstix. It was all so good! Great food at great price. Finally some decent Asian food around. Our friends had dry noodles which was yummy too. 
Spring rolls and sweet potato fries
Beef rice noodles

We're all so good and satisfied after a good meal! It was bedtime and also time for their moisturiser.

Moisture please!
The kids slept in till late morning. I prepared simple lunch and proceeded for an evening stroll at the Fisherman Wharf. Place where you can find great calm chowder and seafood. We also caught view of some seagulls and sealions. 
Macaroni cheese with chicken and broccoli
Ok, the cheat
And this was what the kids were doing while I'm in the kitchen. Jazz fed Elmo and Jare on ipad. Not long later, someone spilled food onto the carpet. The expression says it all about the culprit.  
While I'm cooking

Fisherman's Wharf

Great view

Real seagull above
Candies and lollis!
Most eateries are not opened on Sunday. We chanced upon this Japanese restaurant, Harumi. Food is awesome, considering the place we're in. It's near authentic and satisfied our bellies well.  
Softshell crab
Platter of 3 dishes and salad
After dinner was yet another groceries shopping at Target. It was Sunday evening, and the store was so empty. I guess everyone online shops here. I love the uncrowded and spacious groceries spree.
They love the big cart!

Then they decided to be little 'monkeys'

 That wrapped up our weekend. And soon, I need to start on some lesson proper with the kids.

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