Tuesday 18 September 2012

Fruits picking

We went apples and strawberries picking at Gizdich Ranch. It was an awesome experience for us. The sun was scotching hot, but still breezy. We all had fun picking fruits. Apple trees were too high for them, Jazz picked more of the strawberries. For Jare, he picked and ate as we went along. Simply fresh. But unwashed.
Gizdich Ranch
Picking rules
Apple tree
Many fallen apples on the ground
Different apples in the farm
Our harvest
Wished we could get more apples, but we don't have enough mouths to finish them. I yet to bite into these picked apples, we still have some in the fridge from the store. 
Jazz picking strawberries
My mini picks
Our first harvest
We tasted the strawberries after we are done with the first harvest. It was so sweet that we decided to go for a second round of strawberry picking. Some strawberries are really mini, and those are the not too sweet. The really huge ones are sweet and juicy. After some time, Jazz is trained to spot and pick the huge ones.  
With her pick
Juicy huge ones
Our second harvest
Our fruits were paid according to the weight of our picks. After our fruitful harvest, we went to the pie shop for some apple pies. It was yummy! And our best buy was their apple juice. It was so good that it filled up my daily fluid intake. As natural as it is, with nothing added. Only freshly pressed apples, as if you were biting into an apple!
Pie shop
Criss Cross apple sauce pie

A gallon of apple juice - Not enough!

Our fridge is now overstocked with apples and strawberries!

The next half of our day, we visited the Gilroy Premuim Outlets, where we had lunch at Applebees. And if you talk about healthy meals for the kids here, it can be a difficult avoidance. When we're out, it's almost fries for their every meals. Jare has love for fries now, so much so that we have to keep some out of his sight. Keeping obesity out of bound. 
Fried chicken cutlets and fries

Steak for adults

After lunch, it was shopping! And I surrender, it's just tough to keep watch on the kids and shop at the same time. Half the time, I was chasing the kids. Due to my oversight, Jazz broke a scented glass candle in one of the shop. I have to embarrassingly apologize for that. Phew, I was let off without paying.

Rented car for them

Even though we rented a 'car' to help with our shopping, Jare didn't much like sitting in there for too long. Nonetheless, I did some extensive or call it, crazy shopping, shall picture the loots soon. Love being at the outlets, so many shops within an area. Shop till your legs and money fail you. The shops close early, if not, I would have continued my spree. Or perhaps, online shopping is still the best for mummies with kids.


  1. I only just knew about the ranch and was planning to go maybe next mth. Seems fun for the little ones!

    Im also lookin for farm stays!

  2. Farm stays! Let me know if you found any.

  3. Hi,
    I started reading your blog after you tagged mine on your page ;) .. Glad to see you and your little ones settling well in the states and hey the strawberries farms are so big and nice!! The Japan ones i visited were really small .

    Show us more of the states :)
    Looking forward to more posts .


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