Saturday 15 September 2012

Home activities

Spent most of our weekdays indoor, while the man ran his errands to get our housing and car settled. Finally, all done! Moving into our home next week and got a smoothly transacted car. Did some driving and it wasn't as bad as I thought, but still not too confident going around without the man. I'm bad when it comes to directions. 

We also dropped by Jazz's potential school to check on vacancy. Disappointingly, there isn't any slot at the moment. Keeping our fingers crossed for a vacancy, hopefully soon. Would be nice to send her to school for playmates. For Jare's age, this potential school only has hourly care.

While we've been inbound, I did some work with Jazz. Started her on new set of Chinese words, did letterland - Beyond ABC, where we worked on the 'ch' 'sh' 'ph' and 'th' sounds. The 'th' sound is one that's so challenging to teach. She couldn't get it right. Did an Explore English post some time ago on 'th'. We also revised on her three letter words. All these achievements only when I've some quality time with the kids.
On her sticker book

Jazz introduced the letterlanders to Jare. From A to Z. I witnessed her teaching!
Words introduced
My busy moments would be what a typical house mum does. I cook, wash the dishes, fold and iron the clothes. These chores are already taking much of my time. Staying at the temporary lodge now, I don't even have to wash the toilet or vacuum the carpet, there's room service. Beginning to imagine my house load ahead once out of the lodge. And If I were cooking, Jazz would spend time on the ipad, TV or toys, and Jare would cling onto my legs! How tough is it to even cook meals.

On days when we've been busy running around for errands, the kids get their treats too - Playground! There are many playgrounds within the area we'll be staying and it's where I can bring them to exert energy. Love the great fresh air here. And even though weather is cool, with the same earthly sun we have, the rays here are piercing. Within days, I noticed the kids and myself got tanned, and we weren't even spending much time outdoor. It is also when I've began to carry sunscreen in my bag.   
Left in playground with Mummy, while Daddy ran an errand

Love his smile!
Less crowd on weekday evening
Love it when the man plays with the kids
Time to go
It's another weekend to begin for us, plans ahead and I'm beginning to enjoy our everyday here. It feels like an extremely long holiday abroad. 

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