Friday 7 February 2014

It's now:

For the longest thought ever, since the expansion of threesome to foursome, I've been wanting to change our URL. Jare joined us, and perhaps more addition along the future line. Just a thought. We have moved from "littlejazzelle" to "mumscalling." And .blogspot to .com! Yay! Gotten my very own domain.

My faithful followers, the previous link redirects, but you may re-bookmark this new page, if you wish. Am also taking this opportunity to thank friends who have been following and encouraging us. Your kind words spur me to keep sharing. Blogging has been a wonderful journey, it's my therapy, my hobby and ingrained in me. I delight in reading these memories, whenever I turn back time. 

So, why Mum's calling?
Most women are called to a Mum. When Jazz was conceived in me, euphoria aside, I was also apprehensive about raising a child. Anyone can raise a child, but we know what defines a good and bad parent. Js are God's gift to me and my ever most precious. With great trust, they were egged in my womb, gestated and delivered into my arms for child-rearing. That moment became my eternal responsibility in fulfilling this call. I knew it wasn't a role to be taken lightly. It was my call of duty to raise and shape them as future good children, and to constantly instill good values in them.

Simply, a Mum's calling.

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