Tuesday 11 February 2014

Chinese New Year Aboard

It's another year of Chinese New Year celebration abroad, and we're glad it's the last before we head home for the authentic atmosphere that had been missing here. CNY hardly gets its mood here, especially since we are 2 hours away from the nearest Chinatown. Oh well, at least we don't get supermarkets and restaurants closed on these days. While I took a kitchen break on 初一 (First day of CNY) to eat out, I had a sudden gush of emotions over the table. I miss my family and I am very desperately looking forward to gather around the big family table for meals again. I miss the CNY mood we used to experience in our homely years. Oh, so teary.

Nonetheless, we donned our home with simple deco to create that missing atmosphere. Throughout the days, we did rounds of steamboat meals with friends, spouses group and gathered big for a feast on the second day of CNY. It was also great fun playing blackjack the budgeted way. Small investment is good for me when it comes to playing with luck. CNY is simply about family, friendships, food, fellowship and maybe finance (Red packets and gambling!). Five Fs.

Adding to the festivity, our library did a CNY storytelling session on the eve. The storyteller sang a nursery song in mandarin, which awed me totally. After which, she did stories on horses. The zodiac animal of the year we stepped into. 
Steamboat feast!

Pot luck feast - 卤肉饭, 年糕,curry chicken, roast chicken, soup and cheng teng!
CNY is also undoubtedly the best time of the year kids love. Receiving red packets becomes their most anticipated moment, as it was mine many years ago. Oops! I'm an incentive driven being. 
From Daddy and Mummy!

Thank you uncles and aunties for the red packets
I created my platter of yummy goodies with those cutie oranges as replacement for mandarins. Those unattended gummy became an allurement for Js to snitch on it! For the occasion, I turned blind eyes to their sugar intake. The show off from this platter is the successful bake of my yummy pineapple tarts! Either my tasters were too polite or they were really honest. I choose to believe in the latter. *Chuckles* 

Prosperity platter
For my Chilean and Korean neighbours who must be wondering what do I have to offer and share on this occasion, I shared my successful bakes with them. Good reviews I received. 
For my neighbours!
It had been a great time of celebration. Soaking ourselves with wonderful people, great laughter, meaningful conversations and delicious foodie. It definitely made up some good part of memory to bring home with. Excitement adds on, as my Mum just arrived to have fun with us. Her dearie daughter and grandchildren missed her so much! 

Dear CNY, you're not over, but I can't wait to tell you, "See you back in Singapore!"

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