Monday 24 February 2014

Lake Tahoe again

While we were enjoying our final few weeks in the states, we took a toil in our travelling schedule. No idea why we got ourselves this exhausted from places to places. We only knew about living in the moment, and using our time to the fullest.

Few weeks ago, we did another trip to Lake Tahoe for ski play. Where I thought was the best farewell ever. We met falling snow! It's indescribable how excited we got from the moment we stepped out of our vehicle. Totally beautiful and memorable scene! It's been almost a year since we last met falling snow. 
Very beautiful sight of snow caped trees!
And since snowy and rainy days aren't good for outdoor, we did a day of ski and stayed indoor most time. This became our most relaxing trip ever. I never had the luxury of going back into hotel room for afternoon naps, but it was one we did for that trip. Other than resting and eating, we spent the rest of our time at the hotel's arcade where we played madly with the kids.  

During our indoor time, we made used of the hotel's arcade for fun entertainment. We gamed and collected tickets as a team. And while playing with a fishing game, the man caught a jellyfish that gave us bonus tickets! It ejected 350 tickets out of the machine. I was jumping with much greater joy than the kids, overly excited for the prizes they could exchange for.

Smiling with joy and excitement
It was yet another great trip with the Kohs and Mummy Bel.

And these were where the nice places we skied, took shelter and filled our tummies with:
Snow activities: Sierra at tahoe
Accommodation: Harveys
Great breakfast venue: Heidi's
Great Thai food, though a tad pricey: Thai Benjarong

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