Thursday 27 February 2014

Eggy Fun

As a cooking mum, I recently began to crack eggs carefully and differently, to get an almost perfect eggshell. If I have egg dishes in my menu, I would carefully prick the bottom with a chopstick, to release the white and yolk for an empty shell. I cooked the raw, while the kids took over the fragile. Washed it clean and they poured their creativity over these cute little humpty dumpties!

All you need is just colourful markers! I used permanent ones, to make their creativity stay. So yes, get them to work in safe zones and outfits. 
My markers that were on loan for creativity

A balding humpty

"How should I design?"

Their display of egg museum

It was all about giving them that opportunity to flow creatively. Aside from the usual papers, I loved it that we worked with eggs. There was once Jazz broke her work, she cried buckets, but I guess it was a good learning experience, to be cautious and gentle with the really fragile. Their works had no traces of my intervention, they were all as authentic as it can be and proudly sitting in their egg museum. Are we too early for Easter?!!

These days, I get the same questions whenever I kitchen in. Jazz would go, "Are you cooking eggs today?"


  1. Wow you have a whole set of Sharpies!

  2. Looks like they had fun! I can imagine my kids breaking their eggs too. Definitely requires a careful hand and is a lesson in itself.


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