Wednesday 26 February 2014

My boy turned 3!

Terrible 3 or Terrific 3? I'm hoping and believing in the latter. Although, I must admit he has been having too much of his moments these days. Drove me mad to the walls umpteen times, but if sanity allows, I'll bounce back to resolve our battles together.

To maximise our weekend fun in the theme parks, it was decided that we will celebrate his birthday a day late with our neighbourhood friends, upon returning home. I'm glad party happened with balloons, food, cake and candles complimenting. Birthday party planning drains quite some energy out of me, but I knew it was one of the few occasions in a year that I get happily busy with. Setting his favourite theme was easy, between cars and planes, he chose planes. That made my buying and planning targeted.
On food - In addition to ordering pizzas, I whipped up pasta, broccoli salad and chicken wings. The dishes that allowed me to space time well. Having used up those octopus hands, I outsourced the cake with an ice cream cake. At least a part of the party where I don't have to subject guests to my kitchen skills. The best for the last.

Next, introducing the tier of appetizer, snack and dessert I prepped. Eaten in whatever order preferred. First tier of mixed nuts, second tier of celery and carrots with ranch, third tier of chocolate cupcakes and final tier of what a party should not miss out, fruits! Let me rave a little about my cupcakes, they were a hit! I can't emphasize much more on the type cocoa powder used, and of course, blending it with a good recipe find. I topped off the cuppies with swiss meringue buttercream, my all time delightful cream with cakes! Voila! It gives you delicious yummilicious chocolate cupcakes. Trying to put up some worth keeping recipes posts, hopefully soon.
Tried working with blue and orange food

Balloons never fail to hype up a party atmosphere. With budgeted resources, we did up some simple deco, and worked mainly with crepe papers. 

Cost minimizing backdrop
Printable on drinks pouches to excite the little ones

Wrapped tissue box with printable

Dolled up a boring bowl of greens with crepe papers

Cheeseburger pasta
Happy Birthday, my darling boy!
With great company, it made the party really wonderful! Thank you uncles and aunties for coming, and for your lovely pressies! They made Jare really happy, and he loved everyone's presence and pressie! For now, the pressies have been packed and safe kept by mummy till we return to homeland.

And here's what the kids can do to gas-less used balloons:

Balloon graffiti

A flashback to when I first birthed him, that infant that I carried grew too quickly on me. His feet today, are running too fast for me and his hands are too swift for me to salvage that toppling food bowl. In midst of these, his adorableness never fades and his laughter never fails to brighten the family. We love you, Jare!!! Grow well, grow strong and grow wise. My simple joy now is, watching you and your sister play happily alongside.

Hope you had an awesome and memorable 3rd birthday!


  1. Happy birthday, J! Looks like great fun! Great idea with the tissue box wrap too.

    My girl just turned 3 too, what an age, eh? :)

  2. I certainly believe your girl is in the terrific 3 phrase! :)

  3. Blessed Birthday J!

    I miss your choc cupcakes woh!! :)

  4. lilsnooze, I'm taking my choco powder along, to home!


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