Monday 24 February 2014

Disneyland Farewell

2 weeks after our ski trip, we did our final trip to Disneyland! It really was the final farewell. And it will be a long long time before we meet California's Disneyland again. Aww, how am I getting teary over the thought of this farewell. I'm happy to have brought my mum along this time, to release her child-likeness with us. She told me that the last time she came was with my dad, many decades ago. I joked that I'll probably have to wait for my opportunity with my kids, for the next visit.  

As usual, Disneyland was full of humans over the long weekend. In midst of the crazy crowd, the man willingly and sacrificially expelled his full force energy by taking a toil in the long long line, just for that photo opportunity with the princesses from Frozen! It was crazy how we got crazy with the kids. Though, it was a disappointment that princess Elsa wasn't present. Quoting the man, "2.5 hours of wait time is nothing compared to the priceless smile on my daughter's face." I admire his patience! I too, am insane over the movie. You've no idea how much I love it, for the elimination of those kissy princey love scenes. Active true love is found in the family too! An applauding different from the classics.
Would you go for it?! I couldn't believe we did it!

With Anna!

With Eeyore

And Jazz met princess Sophia for the first time.

Sofia the first, from Disney junior
Having visited two of my favourite places on earth, Desert Hills Premium outlet and Disneyland, it became one of my best week ever. Chow couple were here for vacation, and we were glad to have met them for shopping! Shopping gives me sanity from the routines back home. Expensive therapy, I know. But, I'm trying to quit and find cheaper source of calm. *Grin*

"Farewell Disneyland and Disneyworld! It had been great moments and keepsake memories with you. Though I wished you would do something about that overcrowding effect."

Did I forgot to farewell my shopping too?!!! Hmm... till we meet again.


  1. Call me a child at heart, but I love love love Disneyland and my heart skips a beat as I enter the themepark. I've been to the one in Japan and California and brought my daughter to Hong Kong Disneyland last year. Hope to take her to the Japan one next year :)

  2. Yes Susan, I know! And once you enter, the excitement doesn't stop.


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