Thursday 1 May 2014

Art Classes

Art is therapeutic, it expresses more than words and a picture itself. For a Mum, it tells me all about my children. Their mood, attitude and creativity. Js love playing with their pencils and papers at home. At any moment, they would come to me with some outstanding creations. Although most times, it takes some effort to decipher what they have drawn. It usually is more helpful when they narrate to me. As we played our guessing and narrating game, I got spurred to help them cultivate that love for drawing.

I've recently signed them up for a weekly art class. Having heard, read and seen much about the increasing growth of arts school for our little ones, and the different tools of art being used to excite the kids. It kind of kept me thinking if I should start them on something arty. If so, we should start on something basic. I did some near to far search, it came to a very quick conclusion about where they should begin. Not at some great or fancy art school, not the pricey or over promising schools, but the community centre within our neighbourhood! 

I'm contented that it's a much lower premium than the art schools I've searched around. Distance and price brought me to a quick decision. And of course, it also means much dealing with expectations - Classroom settings and quality language of the teacher. I tried to focus on our mission of crafting creative minds.
Their showcase
Art classroom teaches many skills which traditional classroom does not. They learn coordination and motor skills, using their little hands to reproduce what their eyes see and mind envisions. They learn the satisfaction of completing a job their desired way, as well as taking the initiative to finish that project. At the end of session one, I was surprised at their works! Okay, I need to disclaim that Jare's work is only 20% authentic. Which isn't too bad.

I was initially worried when I signed Jare up for class. He's only 3. The class that I signed up online did not specify the appropriate age group. I presumed I could bring him for class.

On their first day, the teacher told me the appropriate age is 4 and above. So well, I asked to give him a chance for trial. He did well, except for the final 15 of the 90 minutes class when he started looking for me. Not too bad of an attention span for this little guy. To me, what could be better than dropping 2 kids off the same class. I enjoyed that moment of peace.

I knew the kids loved the class. Especially Jazz. She couldn't wait for the next. It's sure good fun when the kids enjoy what they love doing. With such level of fun, we know that learning is effective!

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