Sunday 4 May 2014

Artzbake cupcake workshop

We had a fun time with cupcakes at Artzbake yesterday! My budding patissiers went on a cupcake workshop, where they got their little hands to assist in baking cupcakes and decorating their very own with fondant. They had a wonderful time of getting their hands to work, because they know if they don't work for it, they ain't bringing home any cuppies. 

The class size was small and cosy, with 3 mummies and 5 little ones. Every child has got some opportunities to chip in the batter making process, before proceeding to our individual places for creativity to run wild with fondant. The kids got extremely excited when they were told about making minions cuppies. I was pretty excited too! 
Taking turns for hands on
The kids made their fondant, with much help and attention given by the patient baker, Chloe. It was also when a flash of thought came to me, that I favoured fondant to being a good replacement for play doh! It feels clean, no messy residue and satisfies Js well. And they were working the fondant almost similar ways. They had their play doh recently confiscated by me, for some tactless mess created.
He's sure serious about work!

Jare did 2 cuppies, a two-eyed minion and a barely passable iron man. Jazz did a one-eyed minion, a hello kitty and OMG! She asked to do Elsa. But nah, we did Olaf instead. Mother, daughter and son tapped on our imagination and creativity to mould some decent outcome. 
With much help from mummy!
Her showcase
The class had been well narrated, organised and conducted. Although, I thought more independence could have been given to them for a more authentic creation. Nonetheless, Js love it and yes, they packed their cuppies home, ate up the sweet and left me the bake. Too sweet of them at times huh.

Days like these aren't common. I do the occasional bake and cook at home, often with their involvement, but having a parent as a participant with the child creates a unique bond. You possess a patient heart, the 'let them be' attitude and the lessons, that again, traditional classrooms don't bring in. We talked about ingredients, baking tools, colours, tastes and shapes. And not forgetting those fine essential motor skills they picked up, when rolling and shaping their fondant. A very great date idea with our little ones!

Check out the range of workshops at: Artzbake. They conduct baking workshops, classes, courses and cake decoration classes for adults as well as children. Which also explained that their work stations are more for the grown ups. Stools worked well for our little ones though. It's a little shop space tucked beneath a building of condominium, Esta Ruby, just opposite City Plaza.

Artz on Cupcakes workshop – $65 for 1 parent and 1 kid (For age 3 and above)
Schedule of Lessons (Date & Time): 10th, 11th From 10.30am to 12.30pm
Lessons will be conducted at their baking studio:
Esta Ruby
500 Guillemard Road
#01-04, S399839

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. We were given an opportunity to attend this workshop at a  discount on fee. All opinions are solely our own.

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