Monday 12 May 2014

Safety wristband [Review and Giveaway!]

I recently came across a Child safety ID wristband, which totally awed me! The moment I heard and read about it, I went smacking my forehead, "Why didn't I get to know about it earlier!" 

This wristband is brilliantly designed for kids aged 3 to 9 years old. It is a safety product innovated for kids to carry our vital contacts and their allergies on their wrist when in public. That is, if in any case, parent and child get separated, kind people around can help unite them at the shortest possible time, with the reference contacts within the wristbands.

This safety bracelet features:
  • ID card being kept secured and out of sight. It sits within a special pocket inside the bracelet. 
  • It is comfortable and fully adjustable. It didn't irritate Js at all! 
  • 100% waterproof. We don't have to worry about getting it wet in pools or during water play. 
  • Easy to update. With spare ID card included if you need a change of contacts. 
  • Available in wide range of attractive colours and trendy designs
  • Latex and Lead free. Oh yay! No nasty chemicals.
  • Hand sewn quality. Made in Canada.

Love their colours and design

We received 2 bracelets from the kind people at My safety ID. I had them readily tested on Js wrist, and they totally love that trendy look on them. No whine or tears about any discomfort. I briefed Js about its usage and what's in there. Although it states "Vital ID inside" on the wristband, it could be easily overlooked as just an accessory. It helps if we talk to the kids about what to do when separated.

They fell in love with their wristbands!
And this is why I wished I had known about this product earlier - When we were in the states, the theme parks were always madly crowded with humans. I've always wanted to tag the kids with something of this similar concept. It's just like an insurance, we hope we don't have to use it, but when needed, it ends all anxieties quickly.

A little story to share when we were in Disneyland early this year. The man was waiting in line for our photo opportunity with the Frozen characters, my Mum and I took Js for lunch. I had Jare in my stroller and Jazz was on her walking feet. My steps were a little too fast, so my Mum and Jazz were behind my pace. When I decided to turn back for attendance check, my girl was missing! And you know when 2 or more adults are around, it gets kind of complacent. I thought Jazz was with my Mum and my Mum thought Jazz was with me. We both realised she wasn't near any of us. She followed a wrong lady, thinking that was me. We combed every area nearby and minutes later, found her running back to us. Phew! I found my precious.

That incident slapped me hard on being more cautious when we're in crowded places. Anything unpredictable can happen. If my story took a longer twist, the wristbands could be our saviour. After all, humans are nice in nature, I'm certain a lost child gets help readily. 
And they wore it in the mall

The wristbands are so perfect in our very congested malls, school excursions, parks or any places that our kids like to roam. Excellent for travels too! They are light and easy to carry around. I keep them in my carry out bag, and conveniently put them on the kids when we're in the car or arrived at our destinations.

As much as I can say about getting this assurance, let's always be mindful about keeping our focus on the kids when we're out. 

Now, the Exciting part. My safety ID is giving away one wristband for a lucky reader of Mum's calling. Colour and design of your choice (subject to availability). To qualify, please ensure that you've completed the following steps by signing into the rafflecopter below:
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  3. In the comment box, leave me your email and FB account name used to like our pages. (And of course, if you prefer to send them to me privately, here's my email:
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  • Contest ends Tuesday, 20 May 2014, 2359hrs. 
  • Winner will be notified by email
Disclaimer: We received the products for review and to host a giveaway. All photos and opinions are solely our own. 


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  4. Children are too precious. Nobody should ever lose them.
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