Friday 23 May 2014

We can 'count Sand'

Early this week, I brought Js for some out of home learning and play. We started our warm morning at the beach, after which they played in an indoor playground, where I sipped coffee and read. We wrapped up our excursion with some time in the library. Nice way to cool down.

While at the beach, I didn't spare Jare from his numbers. According to our home schedule, I'm trying to get him count perfectly into 20. I made some sand hippos out of their toy mould, tasked him to count and destroy. He was sure interested, since being destructive is sometimes his forte.  
Hippos counting
He has the tendency to count from 13 to 15, skipping 14. I did a few times till he became uninterested. Learning at his age is very much interest oriented, he determines my teaching duration. And so, if you plan to teach counting to 100, have fun moulding! 

I did some Chinese writing with Jazz on the sand, but it didn't take long before she decides that sand castle building is more exciting. Bringing school out of home, with that sun, sand and sweat, is good for the occasional. Mum needs that break out of home too!

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