Monday 12 May 2014

Mother's Day to a homeschooling Mum

As a homeschooling Mum, I do have that tad of teeny weeny dull moment when my kids don't attend a preschool in the month of May, Mother's day! Mum with schooling kids will testify how lovely it is when teachers plan special activities for the kids, to surprise the heroines in their household. The special songs they learn, the interesting craft they make and the special moment of inviting their Mummies to school for tea or performance, are making me too envious. And how silly will it be of me, to plan my own surprise with the kids. So nah, didn't do anything with them, for me. 

This year, somehow the same. Jare still nonchalant about it, but Jazz knew about Mother's day and its date. She planned and drew me a little piece of work, which heartens me very much. Not like it was a piece of impressive work, but that she has grown independently to express her thoughts on special dates. I know more surprises will be coming from her, in our special days ahead. She has grown, so much!  
Presented to me! And she made another for my Mum.
Love that paper bouquet!
It was also a surprise when she came home from her art class with these works. I love her paper craft and cute drawing!

In Js' growing up years, with them in and out of school, with gifts directed or not directed by school, I clearly know it is not about the gifts or that special trip to school. It is not about the good deeds they've done in this one day, but all about staying bless and watching them grow healthily well.

Although Mother's day has become very commercialized, it really is a day for great surprises and treats. Mothers deserve it after all! I see this year's more realistic when Jazz came up with her own idea of surprise, crafted it and worked it through all by herself.
Wishing all Mothers, a very happy Mother's day! May your days be always richly filled with love! 

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