Sunday 11 May 2014

Paper puppets

Js created paper puppets and staged a show with their handmade props! Jazz made up the characters from Frozen and Jare tasked me to do cars for him. They worked conscientiously on their projects and rounded up with a show and tell!

We worked with the really simple resources within the house:
  • Papers
  • pencil
  • Colour pencils/crayons
  • Straws
  • Scissors 
  • Sticky Tape
Jazz drew and coloured the characters on paper, cut and taped them to some straws found in our pantry. They were the unused straws from our Yakult drinks. 
Frozen characters by Jazz
Then she drew a scene to stage her show and tell. I rendered help by cutting along the outline of the mountains she drew on her scene. It's a slit to slot her characters in.

All ready! And I sat back to enjoy my role as her best supporting audience. 

Love her show and tell!
Jare did a similar one, with much of our assistance. We did up his scene with two driving roads, trees, shops and houses. The slits for the puppets were made in the middle of each road, for the cars to zoom!  He loves cars and there, he staged a show to his made up story.

He really was enthusiastic about it
It really is a simple craft to work on. These days, I just plonk some ideas into Jazz and she will transform ideas to action. I'm happy to just be her adviser.

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