Tuesday 20 May 2014

Home Made Pizza

Js made their lunch yesterday, and we had thin crust pizza! When we were in the states, a friend of ours, ML introduced us to making skinny pizza. It not only got us hooked for its yummi-ness, we also loved the engagement factor everyone got with it. I've always enjoyed watching my little chefs at work.

Being their sous chef, I prepared and gathered the ingredients for them:

1. Whole grain tortilla wraps
2. Pasta sauce
3. Shredded cheese (We used mozzarella and Cheddar)
4. Button mushrooms
5. Ham
6. Capsisum
7. Cherry Tomatoes
8. Brocolli

And here's a zoom IN of our home made, healthy pizza ingredients:
  • Mushrooms have high nutritional values, these fungus contain high amounts of copper, needed to produce blood cells and maintain heart health. 
  • Broccoli! Need I say more? For that vitamins and fiber.
  • Cherry tomatoes! Yes, our favourite snack that gives us vitamins, minerals and antioxidant. Tomatoes are better eaten when cooked than raw, heat processing enhances its nutritional value. 
  • Capsicums have high value or vitamins and antioxidants. Yellow, orange and red capsicums contain higher antioxidant vitamins over the green.
  • Ham is a good source of protein. I tried really hard to source for Ham that's free of nitrate (Preservative added to cure ham). It's a tough search in our local supermarkets, or even if found, it comes with a hefty premium. I wasn't trying to be funny, but once, I tried asking the attendant at our local Deli, what ingredients were there in their picnic ham. I didn't mind that he didn't know. 
  • Cheese is a good source of calcium. I'm just particularly cautious when choosing bright coloured cheese. Some cheddar's usually artificially coloured to get its bright orange. I would go for a cheddar that's naturally coloured with annatto (derived from seeds of a plant).
  • Lastly, not missing tortilla wraps for the carbohydrates! These wraps we found have got some preservatives. Settled for it as I wasn't keen in making our own dough for crust.  

Set up ready

Yes, our grocery shopping time has extended with the entrance of kids. I read nutrition facts, I try with much possibility to avoid unfriendly ingredients and for interest, I did an online course on kids and nutrition when I had time in the states. Some time ago, I shared about grocery shopping on Nutrition. Swinging back to our kitchen, we're all set for a nutritious meal! I've always considered pizza a rather unhealthy option, until we decided to home make it. Pizza became newly defined to me. 
Colourful ingredients

The really simple steps:
1. Spread a thin layer of pasta sauce on the wrap.
2. Lay those ingredients. Ham, mushrooms, capsicums, tomatoes and then broccoli.
3. Top it off with generous amount of cheese. This helps hold the stuff in place.
4. Send them to the oven at 180 C, for about 15 to 20 mins. 
5. Allow the pizza to cool for a while before parting into equal pieces with a pair of food scissors. 

Little chefs working hard

'Someone' photo-bombed our picture

    And that was their well deserved lunch! It was good portion for 2 little kids and a Mummy.  

    The Yummy outcome

    This is one of my favourite, fun and yummy recipe. It had Js almost fully involved, and I literally stepped aside when they laid their pieces. Of course, I was all prepared to consume whatever went onto their crust. 

    Hope you'll have fun making Pizzas with your little ones too! 

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