Friday 29 August 2014

Building vocabulary

What would be your ways of enhancing a child's vocabulary? Building their dictionary can be done in various ways, through reading or reading to your child, through conversations, songs, show and tell or through educational TV shows.

Vocabulary is more than a list of words. It's one essential thing to know a new word, but another matter when it comes to knowing how to use it. As parents, you would have realised our child's size of vocab is very much directly related to our parental practices. Children in the advantage families would probably learn and know more words than the less advantage. I'm must confess, we are not a family who uses elaborated or fanciful words at home, but we make use of every opportunity to teach new knowledge. Learning is also in my almost daily journey.

I've been very keen in introducing more words to the kids, searched around for ideas to building vocabs, and viola! It simply begin with synonyms. Then start serving scoops of ice cream:

I did rhyming words with Jare too. These dessert cards are of multiple usage, I'm considering Chinese characters too.


Thanks to the availability of wide learning resources, I copied ideas from homeschool@sg and found some printable at kaylee's education studio. Colour, cut and laminate the ice cream. Write and re-use!

Am targeting to do this about twice or thrice a week, giving us spaced out time to learn and practice new words. Learning sure got more flavourful and cooler this way, just that they can't lick it off the cones.

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  1. Hi!! Thanks for linking! :) your ice cream cones are so pretty!


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