Thursday 7 August 2014

I like, I don't like

How likable and unlikable do you, parents think we are to our kids? Not talking about liking us as a person, but the likes and dislikes of certain acts we do as a parent. Sometimes, by getting them down to thinking, writing and drawing, we could probably get some well thought replies. Good keepsakes too!

I did a mini parental evaluation with the kids. I was really curious how we were viewed in their eyes. I got Jazz to write and draw some things she likes and don't like about her Daddy and Mummy. Yes, we were ready for some unfavourably truth as well. 

I tasked Jazz to complete the sentences with some spelling aid from me:
  • I like my daddy because he is funny
  • I like my mummy because she does craft with me
  • I don't like my daddy because he canes me
  • I don't like my mummy because she yells at me 

I've to admit, I held my breathe for a moment, while she responded about what she didn't like about me. Then I thought, yelling! Hmm, at least it irritated her enough, to give attention on my words. I'll tone it down nonetheless. And it's really rare that Daddy uses the stick, but I guess it's memorable enough to get it listed.

 photo DSC09247_zps4696d520.jpg
I like...
 photo DSC09248_zps4840a3b2.jpg
I don't like...
And for Jare, I did a verbal evaluation with him. "Jare, tell me 1 thing you like about Daddy and  Mummy?" "And what is the 1 thing you don't like about Daddy and Mummy?" I gathered some really random replies from him. Interesting.

I like Daddy because he has mustache (??!!!?)
I like Mummy because she wears a skirt (What?!!! No idea)
I don't like Daddy because he canes me (Same reply as big sister!)
I don't like Mummy because no la, nothing (Perfect Mummy? Yay!)

1 is affirmation, 2 is double confirm, Daddy!

Notice something about her drawing on "I don't like my Daddy ...?" There's a heart on Daddy's shirt. I interpret that she knows, it's always out of love that she's reprimanded. And yeap, we did some drawing lessons, which explained her attempt from drawing lined arms and legs to the more fleshy ones. Nice try.

Little voice from them can make up or make down their childhood, it's sad to disregard it. That 'dislike' could be really disturbing to them and that 'like' could be what they treasure dearly. I'm feeling relieved that it's easier for me to get crafty and wear a skirt, than being funny and growing mustache. Go Daddy go!

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