Monday 18 August 2014

Peony Jade - Mooncakes

Mid autumn falls on 08 September this year. A festival that I would eagerly look forward to every year, for lanterns, culture and the best of all, mooncakes! Which should never be a miss. Things change, times changed, you change, I change, mooncakes change! It has evolved much from the traditional to the contemporary. I'm ever impressed with new mooncake designs and flavours that are showcasing each year. As always, decisions and choices.

Not sure if you've got your eyes or mind set on any mooncakes, but for years, we've been really impressed and convinced with Peony Jade's orh ni (yam paste) mooncakes. I've eaten at their restaurant, and I trust their creations! Yes, I'm a Teochew. Not eloquently one though. So why Peony? Of all their moony creations that ever received great praises and awards by the media, the idols are their signature 'light-as-air' flaky skin orh ni baked mooncakes and Mao Shan Wang durain, organic snowskin. I'm always assured that their choice of ingredients, from freshness to quality are never compromised. Making a purchase worth its every cent.

 photo DSC09287_zps96e8e9dc.jpg
The traditional and the contemporary

Quoting script from a drama serial I'm currently couching on, 饼皮薄,人情厚。 I use it to reference the skin of a mooncake being thin, with the filling thick and rich. Just like how relationships should be filled with humanity. Ahh, some wise revelation on quality mooncake.

I'm a fan of both the traditional and the contemporary mooncake flavours. Making a comeback this year is Peony Jade's 4 heavenly flavours:
  • Top Grade Pure Mao Shan Wang durian in organic pandan snowskin
  • Snowskin kochi Yuzu (from Japan) and apple cream cheese
  • Snowskin soursop 
  • Snowskin premium cempedak
 photo PeonyJade-4HeavenlyFlavours_zpsd53b6761.jpg
Photo credit: Peony Jade

I've been generously given the baked and snowskin to savour. Which worked well to my liking and I literally fell in love with All of them. Although I've to say the snowskin, yuzu and cream cheese wasn't much to my liking, but it was a hit among the rest of my family. An acquired taste I guess. My Dad who is an extreme food critic even gave thumbs up for these! Definitely worth those calories. The fruity snowskin is best eaten frozen, like ice cream. We did a slight thawing to make cutting up easy. 

 photo DSC09300_zps0004aecd.jpg
My favourite of all - Mao Shan Wang durian

Js preferred the traditional baked skin, which I thought they would be more mesmerised by the snowskin colours and fruits, but not. Perhaps, they aren't familiar with those exotic fruits. Only durian as an exception, as it's their love.

 photo DSC09296_zps09a0373b.jpg
Taking their pick

Consider them as great gifts too! I love their elegantly designed boxes. It's simple and non extravagant. That oriental fan on the red box used to package the traditional mooncakes, stays true to a time-honoured Chinese tradition. Definitely a great gift of taste!

I'm blessed for this early opportunity to share lovely mooncakes with my family. Thank you Peony and Joy from 37 Communications!

 photo DSC09292_zpsdcb04159.jpg
Well packaged!

Trust me, they are really awesome! And don't forget some good Chinese tea to go with the baked ones. They make very good partners.

Peony Jade is doing various roadshows all across the Island. Centrally located would be:
Takashimaya Shopping centre
B2 square (Facing food lane)
07 Aug to 08 Sep 2014
Daily 10am to 10pm

TANGS Vicocity, Level 1
Central Court A/B
10 Aug to 08 Sep 2014
Daily 10am to 10pm

You may also pre-order online for collection at Vivocity.

Disclaimer: We were given 2 boxes of mooncakes to savour. All opinions and photos, unless credited, are solely ours.


  1. I have heard that their traditional yam mooncake is very nice. I'm planning to go to the Taka mooncake roadshow to try all the mooncakes there.

  2. Yes Mummy J, awesomely good! Go on an empty tummy. Haha.


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