Thursday 28 August 2014

Waterplay at Tampines 1

It's always wonderful to get some thrift out of free fun. Having had some waterplay fun at Gardens by the bay, we recently discovered a rooftop waterplay area at Tampines 1 over a playdate with Mummies E and Dotz. Ok, I know it's been there for a while, but we only had a chance to visit it last Friday. A spacious area, with small little sections, for different play. It was wildlife-themed, allowing kids to have fun while learning more about wildlife conservation. Little residents nearby are sure in for a treat.

 photo 2014-08-22112957_zps5a84ac5d.jpg
The 'dry' play area
 photo 2014-08-22114515_zpsc9602f6a.jpg
For the more adventurous
Being there near the hottest time of the day, 11.30am We were almost burnt. The dry floor area was really hot for the barefooted, but the wet area was cool for fun. A pity that the icy polar bear slide and ice bergs didn't help relieve the heat mentally. 

It was some good opportunity for vitamin D though.

 photo 2014-08-22113625-2_zps079d3e49.jpg
Water sprouts

 photo 071ad0b1-2b99-4189-94c7-87edebc94181_zps769d384f.jpg
That hippo he found love in
 photo 8ac19e5b-fedc-4399-b084-5c7db691bd6d_zpse568c257.jpg
Running in rhythm
The place was clean and new. I could smell chlorine in the water, which probably meant it's regularly maintained. Shower area is enclosed, giving the little people of all ages some privacy. weekday play seemed fine. It might be a little crowded on weekends. 

It did trigger Js with some excitement, but fun meter went down after 20 minutes of play, before they decided to call it quits. It was then, I realised they have outgrown those shorty slide fun and seemingly impressive water sprouts. Maybe not so much for Jare, just that he's quite a follower when it comes to play.

They had a great time, nonetheless. I knew because they both zonked out, on our way home.

The playground is open from 10am to 9.30pm daily (except Mondays 4pm to 9.30pm) and it is FREE admission. 

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