Friday 1 August 2014

Sensory Mystery Box [DIY]

We played dangerously with a sensory, mystery box! Ok, not that dangerous, just a little of fear and fun factors by challenging our sense of touch. It could be moving, prickly or thorny!

As the name sounds, I put some unknown items into a shoe box, with a cut-out hole on the lid. Just nice for little hands to get in and out. Gathered some objects of different feel in the home, and had Js to use their fingers to describe their feel to me. After which, they made a guess on the object.

 photo DSC09228_zpsb9c96f00.jpg
Friendly objects after all
It really was a good test on how they used their choice of words to form sentences, while using their sense of touch. I thought the guess would be challenging, but they got most of them right! Easily.

I enjoyed their varying expressions as they touched the different objects. The only adverse reaction I had from them was when they touched a piece of soaked up tissue. They probably didn't expect such a wetty feel. It was an interesting expression.

 photo DSC09221_zpscb2a0327.jpg
"What is this!!?"
 photo DSC09223_zps2411ba12.jpg
"Can't guess it, mama"
At our final round, I threw in a very special treat, lollipops! They were thrilled that they not only guessed it right, they get to savour it too! 

A very fun game for kids! After which they tested me, and I realised it was pretty easy to guess the items we have sitting around our home. Glad they had fun, as much as I did.

Remember to capture their expressions, if you play in the more adventurous manner.

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