Tuesday 19 August 2014

Ladling fun with soup

Over communal meals, Js would pick their portions from the dishes to their bowls. During this process, there would always be dripping gravy and soup along the route to their bowls. I decided, we must practice!

The little chefs got to work with whatever ingredients found in their pantry. They stirred up a pot of hot cold soup.

 photo IMG_8883_zpsf4040726.jpg
Like preparing stone soup
 photo 4ea9a086-df33-4962-ac06-b05071f23ba0_zps686fa171.jpg
They cooked their soup

When the soup was ready, they used a ladle to scoop the ingredients into their bowl without creating mess. No drips and no fallen food. We then increase the distance for different challenges.

 photo IMG_8885_zpsc417668d.jpg
No dripping, please

Ah ha... they did it! I hope this little exercise gets them into eating a little more neatly over meals.

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