Wednesday 13 August 2014

Family value - Trust

It's always easy for the little ones to trust their parents, more than anyone else. After all, they were brought up and well cared in our hands, with the most well thought decisions made for them. Almost all the time. They knew, they could lean and trust us in whatever circumstances raised. 

I often play to be Js eyes whenever we have time for games at home. They would shut their eyes really tight and lean on my directed voice, to move to a specific place. I would go, "5 steps forward, 3 steps to your right..."It was easy to trust me, their Mama.

 photo DSC09232_zps61ba2247.jpg
With all ears on me!
 photo DSC09245_zps41bea202.jpg
Our mission completes when she finds her toy!
Then we swopped, I had the siblings to direct each other! This probably took them a whole new leap of faith. Oh well, you know brother and sister is the next best to trust, when Daddy and Mummy aren't around. 

When the kids are out playing, we sometimes take the back seat of stepping aside to watch them play. That's when I observe how they take care and fend for each other, amongst other children. Trust comes into the picture when big sister directs little brother into taking that safe step during play or that promise to hold onto each other, when doing some balancing act on the beam. It sometimes isn't just a game. Although tricks may be intended, they should know when it's time for the serious stuff.

 photo DSC09236_zps618fd92c.jpg
Trust your sister!
Trust falls apart when they realised that promise one offered came in late or maybe, didn't come at all. It takes a redoubling effort to mend it. I often assure Js to trust us on plans and decisions. We may not have perfect plans all the time, but for sure, no moral wrong or harm intended. 

Similarly, whenever I have a tinge of doubt in the kids, I would hold them firmly and lock our eyes together, to affirm my faith and trust in them. I told them not to breach this trust, because consequences can be detrimental. This probably gives them some last chance to confession. Moreover, if they knew I didn't trust them, there's risk that we would gradually draw apart to become strangers. Already sounding frightful to me.

Trust is such a rare jewel, it can neither be bought nor sold. It's an element that makes up a united family. As much as we can, we should do our utmost best to preserve this value. 


  1. That's a good activity idea to help them understand about trust. I'm sure the both of them have a better understanding of the importance of trust.

  2. Thanks susan! Hope they got some moral out of the game too.

  3. Love this post! How true that we are so trusted by our kids! A good activity to learn and ponder about trust :)
    PS: nice meeting you that day! You have a great blog! Pardon my hearing and have to ask you on your blog name many times. I wanted to get the name correctly to check you out! Glad you check me out first to save me the trouble haha :) Look forward to more of your posts!

  4. Hey Christy, nice to see you here. No worries about that day. Yes, I hunted you down first. Haha.


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